Saturday, August 27, 2011

{make this!} The yo-yo headband that you ALMOST forgot about :)

Hi friends!  When I became a total star ... started on my quest for craft world domination ... made my television debut last week, this headband was one of the two YO-yo-yo projects I intended to talk about making. And then we took so long talking about the tank top and, well, actually just MAKING a yo-yo, I never actually got to this one. I am quite certain there might be one person out there that is interested in this, so One Person? This is just for YOU :)

The headband is pretty simple, just a collection of yo-yos on a felt base. 

To make one of these little suckers, you'll need:

-A plastic headband - I bought a pack of 5 at the dollar store, for, well, A DOLLAR :)

-square fabric scraps or a charm pack - stack them up in rainbow color, because that's just really more pretty to look at :)

-yo-yo makers in various shaped and sizes {or an old trashed cd to trace if you don't have a yo-yo maker} 

-a handful of buttons or flowers or stacked felt flowers {I will show you at the end how to make a simple one} and at least 8 finished yo-yo's.


A piece of white {or any coordinating color} craft felt, cut into a bean shape, approximately 4 inches long.

To start, make your yo-yos. Don't have a yo-yo maker? Go here. Now, glue the felt piece to the underside of the headband, starting where ever you'd like your patch of yo-yos to be. I did these off to one side {and since there is no front or back? It can be worn to either side}.

Start building your patch by first covering your headband with three large yo-yos. Securely glue the yo-yos to the felt as well as the headband. Then just glue the rest, overlapping, over the rest of the white felt, covering the felt as much as possible. Trim away any edges that aren't covered.


To make a quick beaded and stacked felt flower:

  1.  Cut a small, bigger and biggest circle out of felt. {smallest is about the size of a penny}
  2. Glue and stack together. Once all glued together, put a generous ball of hot glue on the top in the center
  3. Carefully push the glue spot into a pile of small seed beads {while the glue is still HOT}
  4.  Let the glue dry and then flick off any loose beads


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