Sunday, May 25, 2008

On being girly.

I have come to a rather shocking realization recently.... I am mom to 2 girly.girls. And I just don't know quite how this happened. They have two older brothers. That alone should destine them to a tomboyish life, right?! And they have a mom that didn't start out life as anything close to being a frilly, girly type girl. I was the tomboy of my family. My poor dad had no sons, so I was the one accompanying him on his Saturday morning trips to the hardware store (I LOVED it when he bought nails because I got to help scoop them into the paper bag to get weighed - just like buying produce!) I had skinned knees and bruises all over and a dirty face and unkempt hair and dug in the dirt and hated showers and was a stinky kind of girl. I did manage to figure out regular showering, make-up and haircare in my adult life, but most days I sport sweats, tees, no makeup and am the poster child for a need for an ambush makeover (Oprah, are you reading?). I am just not the girly type. But somehow, my two girls have learned the LOVE of being a girl, at a very young age. Of ruffles. Of tea parties. Of giggling. Of makeup. Of nailpolish. And honestly. I am loving every minute of it.

We were invitees to a beautiful princess's birthday party yesterday, at Girly Girlz. What a fabulous name! (although I have to admit, the z instead of the s gets to me - I HATE mangled "spelling". Akin to spelling easy as EZ. Blech.) The girls got to have their hair done in up-do's (so fancy- glitter included!) and got their nails painted.

Being a girly girl is hard work.

But tea parties are just plain fun.

And they are even better when you have a sister to share them with. Trust me on this one.

Life is good, when you are 5 and 6 and allowed to be as girly and frilly and wonderfully silly as you want to be......
Why do they have to grow up?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Quilt Market,: part deux .... et trois.... et maybe quatre.

Quilt Market day two: Because I am NOTHING if not obedient to my blog readers.... Here is a picture of Sandi Henderson and me, as requested - her booth was madfab- she took second place for most creative booth! I've known Sandi for a few years through ebay- she used to be a Jayne before she became this famous fabric designer..but it was still nice to meet her in person :)
And this next picture is actually horrible (blurry as all hell), but This is moi and Jennifer Paganelli. She is SO SWEET and SO CUTE. This was at days end. Take sweat, fatigue and headache into account when looking, yo?!

And this is Liesl Gibson (yes, and me - are you sick of looking at my ugly mug yet?) of oliver + s children's patterns. This is actually from day1. I missed it in creating my first blog post. Sorry, Liesl! She was chic, charming, tall and skinny. Sheeot. I need to diet and start sleeping on a stretching machine, STAT. And take some etiquette classes. Definitely some etiquette.something.or.other....

And this is of cute.cute.cute Angela, who is a fabric rep for our favorite Cosmo Japanese cottons - I had only exchanged emails with her a few times but she was one of those people that I INSTANTLY connected with when I met her (which definitely deserves blog mention) - plus she was one of the few that I was taller than :) It's a win-win. She has some GREAT new designs in the works, so stay tuned on that!
::Now for some mini.outtakes from market and portland::

This first picture CRACKS ME UP .... for so many reasons. Not sure if you can tell, but it is me chatting it up with Heather Bailey. And she looks scared and I look maniacal. But the BIGGEST funniness is actually in the background of the picture- Joel Dewberry (standing behind me) looks like he has a halo - it's actually a print on the fabric that is hanging behind him. I promise you this photo has not been edited in the least. Its just a happy coincidence :) ....
(click to embiggen and see the details)

We had a lot of fun exploring Oregon all weekend -
I found out where to get down with my bad self should I choose to go on Gaycation - And there is Michael, drinking out of a dolphin mug. No further comment needed on either pic, right?
(click to embiggen)

We went to an open air market somewhere near Chinatown on Sunday -and had a ton of fun! (click to embiggen)
Another happy coincidence - we stumbled upon Voodoo Donuts - THE local Portland donut destination. They were hip AND delicious. This weekend was FULL of win-win's.
(sadly, they had just sold out of the donut buckets when we walked up - I had to steal a pic of the dude that bought the last one...wah.)

Well, I think that is it for now :) Orders are going out today and I think I am back on my game!
Piper's kindergarten graduation was last night, so I for sure am going to post pictures of that later tonight or tomorrow ! xoxo-jen

Friday, May 16, 2008

Quilt Market. Unbelievable.

Here I am, reporting in, basking in the glow of the first day of quilt market. First, I must apologize to my twitter followers.... I did not tweet as much as I had planned. I was too excited. Too overwhelmed. Too crazy in It was all almost TOO much. But. Not. Quite. :)
So. Onto the pictures! First, here is me and Heather Bailey. She didn't even try to beat me up because of the April Fool's day header. She is just as sweet in person as you think she'd be. Hussy.

And here is the fabulous Amy Butler (yes, pictured with me, as well. I roll like that. I like to see me on my blog. Please don't hate me.) And Yes, dammit, she is NICE TOO. It made this bitch feel a wee bit out of place. She was, like, real nice. Really, really nice. Nice-nice. And really pretty. And really skinny. And REALLY tall. Really. Really. Tall. Did I mention how skinny and nice she is? Ugh.

And. Geez. This next picture is a little scary. View with caution. Wendy is getting a leetle overcrazyexcited about some yummy Japanese fabric. Yes, I ordered both of these.

And finally, I think we've found confirmation that my dear husband, Michael's grandfather was doing it with woman other than his wife, God rest his soul. Because. We found a woman that looks JUST like Michael's mom. And we got a picture to prove it. I did, however, fail to question her about her parentage. Maybe (praying) I will see her tomorrow. Don't worry. I will update.

That's it for now, my peeps :) Tune in tomorrow for MORE.