Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Fall.

I love fall. And I LOVE my family.

Daily, I treasure the blessing of not only being a mom and a wife, but also a sister and a daughter and an aunt and a friend.

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There are other roles that I play in my life that sometimes cloud what is most important and has the most meaning. And then I get a reminder about what IS the most important.

At the end of the day, when I kiss my kids and my husband goodnight and reflect on another finished day, it does not matter how clean my house was. Or what the neighbors think about my Halloween display (which this year is completely NON existent and I could not be happier). Or what a great mom/crafter
/Martha/ creative genius my friends think I am.

I need a reminder of that every so often, as I catch myself getting caught up in things that on the surface seem SO important. But a year from now? I'll wonder why I was so stressed. And in a decade? I won't even remember a single detail....

I am imperfect. I am human.But, I am learning. Day by day. And constantly reminded about what is the MOST important.

Happy fall, my friends.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Our blissful weekend in Sedona.

the happiest couple.

is it a rehearsal dinner if no rehearsing took place?

no kids for 3 days brings out Mr. Coe's weird side.

last moments of her single life. and boy. my chin is big.

pretty and yummy!

mom walked her down the aisle.

wedding karate chops.


they wore the cheesy hats I bought them. true. blue. friends.

a special guest joined us for dinner.

congratulations, my friends.