Friday, August 19, 2011

Its true, they let me on LIVE tv - How I spent 4 minutes focusing on not F-bombing it.

{my television debut}


In case you don't follow me on twitter, I was on this local show yesterday doing a craft demo. It's true. Me. Tv. Live. Insanity. Big hair, hambone arms, double chin and all. Here's the low-down. I was worried about f-bombing it or a nip slip THE. ENTIRE. TIME. Its truly absurd since I can actually be out in public and not riddle my conversations with vulgarity. {shut-up, Heather.} I have NEVER just casually shown anyone my nipple. Really. For REAL. I can be trusted {most of the time} in polite society and not embarrass anyone. But for some reason? I thought surely all hell was going to break loose when these people let ME of all people on LIVE tv. Oh, man. But, besides that? I wasn't nervous at all. In fact, I was on my BEST BEHAVIOR and apparently not as sassy as everyone expected! 


I will do better, next time.... which just so happens to be next Thursday, August 25th when I am going to appear on Sonoran Living.... If you are in Arizona, please tune in if you can :)


  1. Oh my WORD ... you rock! :) You did such a great job!

  2. Nice job, boy your bangs are so shiny and healthy looking!