Monday, August 11, 2008

outakes and advertising.

Piper was my totally excited and willing model (NOT) a few months ago for a photo shoot for advertising for my site. I had some big plans. And then I got busy and it all just sort of got stuck on the back burner. So. Since I have had nothing but... ahem... TIME on my hands (AND LOTS OF IT) I was perusing the pics today and LAUGHING MY BUTT OFF. One of the outtakes became a new button on my sidebar.  And I thought I'd share some of the too funny to use outtakes with y'all.

meditating piper. ohm. ohm. ohm.

like this, mom?

no, piper. like this. IS SHE THROWING GANG SIGNS?

will this look sell fabric?

maybe a scary smile would work?

um. where did the carebear come from?


Someone who might love dots more than me...

Have you heard of her?

Yayoi Kusama

I feel like I might be the only person left on earth who hadn't. She loves dots. And she lives in treatment facility, while still producing her art. We're kindred spirits, I just know it.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Her 5 seconds of fame.

I might be more excited about this than I should be. You might even think me a nerd. But, what the heck. I have been sick. Depressed. Feeling useless. (Insert any other self loathing phrase you're most comfortable with and that's how I've been feeling since I've been sick.) And this was a sunny spot in my bedridden, sun deprived life.

!!!!! Miss Kenny is in this season's Artful Blogging Magazine !!!!! It's only a small picture in a story about Megan of Flat Betty. But it was cool, nonetheless. And we got the $14.95 magazine for free since they used her picture. Honestly, it does not take a lot to get me excited these days.....

here is the cover, in case you wanted to pick up a copy. kenny will be happy to sign and/or graffiti it for you.

And there's my girl. Right there. See? I pointed her out with a red arrow or two. Or six. Just wanted to make sure you could see her. Yep. There she is. In a magazine. Just looked out front and there aren't any paparazzi stalking us. Yet. I will keep you all posted.