Friday, February 3, 2012

We heart Minecraft {or} A very Geeky Christmas

Filed under {better late than never} a recap of Christmas 2011. December was filled to the brim with two ill-conceived, last minute CRAZY OVER THE TOP sewing projects that were the brain-child of my dear, sweet, crazy, pain in the ass husband. In late November, he asked {all innocently}what I thought about sewing a few SIMPLE quilts for Cam and Bo {13 and 12 yr old sons}. I knew they had been OBSESSED with this game MINECRAFT for about 6 months and he thought they might enjoy some super geeky themed quilts. I was all game, since I had just painted them super simple cardboard masks for Halloween and the design seemed like it would be straightforward. Yeah. I was SO NAIVE.

Halloween 2011

As soon as I agreed to whip up some quilts, I promptly forgot all about it.


Fast forward to FOUR WEEKS BEFORE CHRISTMAS and my dear pain in the ass husband asks me if I am ready to talk about proposed quilt patterns and a Joann's shopping list. And then he shows me the pattern he made on excel and it wasn't a lap quilt. It wasn't just a 64-square creeper face.

Creeper pumpkin

{creeper face aka what I was expecting to recreate}

 It was  INTRICATE. It was SCARY. Yeah. Did I mention I had only ever made ONE quilt before IN MY LIFE? And that I REGULARLY question the sanity of quilters and their need to cut up PERFECTLY GOOD FABRIC only to SEW IT ALL BACK TOGETHER AGAIN? Yeah. True Story.

So, then I dove head first into these crazy projects. And while they are FAR FROM PERFECT, the recipients loved them and I think they turned out pretty damn awesome.

This is C's {Steve with an axe}

Minecraft Quilt DIY project - Steve

And this is B's {A zombie with a pig}

Minecraft Quilt DIY project - Zombie Steve

{the girls were so pleased with new dolls, they didn't notice there were no quilts for them}

Christmas 2011

I don't plan to do a full tutorial of the quilt because I am ready to put the whole, painful incident behind me. But I would be happy to share my excel pattern file and basic quilting concept {that I am fairly certain breaks EVERY SINGLE QUILTING LAW EVERY WRITTEN} with anyone crazy enough interested. Just email me or leave a comment :)  I lost the excel file in the harddrive crash of 2012 :( SORRY! Yeah, because all those blue squares? I cut apart blue fabric and then re-sewed it all back together so it looked like pixels. Hell. Yes. True story.