Thursday, May 5, 2011

A design don't {or} I painted stripes like I meant it, but I was really just joking.

Have you perfect design mavens out there ever just made like a really, really big design mistake? Like an OMG HORRIFYING WHAT WAS I THINKING JUST KILL ME NOW BECAUSE I CAN'T POSSIBLE GO ON design mistake? A mistake that took a LOT of TIME and a TON of EFFORT, both of which you have very, very small reserves of? And then, your A.D.D. kicked in and you were too lazy to correct it right away? And then your nursery striped furniture started to look, well, not really that bad or horrifying? And then you decided you just might like it and maybe it came out to be closer to your initial vision than you had previously thought? AND THEN YOU HAD YOUR DEAR HUSBAND MOVE IT UPSTAIRS, THEREBY SEALING THE FATE OF THE DARNED THING TO LIVE OUT ITS LIFE AS A BIG STRIPED PIECE OF CRAP? And don't we all agree that I just need to {wo}man up and stop lying, liar? File this under: It looked so much better in my mental picture and I really, really know it.{filed next to the day I play-swatted my youngest on the butt and she marked it down in her diary as THE DAY MY MOM SPANKED ME AND MEANT IT. My God. What is going on here?}


Might I so humbly present.....

The most hideous piece of furniture on the internet:

I had seen some CUTE CUTE CUTE pieces of striped furniture on the ol' interwebs. Like, here or here. And then, I think I just plain got cocky. I fear she may have looked better how I found her:

{for the record, for FIVE DOLLARS}


I assure you, I post this not for the throngs of liars friends that may come to my artistic defense. I post this as a CAUTIONARY TALE that bad things can come to those that choose paint colors and design aesthetic while hormonal. Impetuous, stupid hormone paint-buying frenzy. And the mister is SO WELL TRAINED that when I asked him his HONEST OPINION as in no-one-is-gonna-DIE-if-you-say-you-hate-this, he said, 'I like that your paint lines are nice and crisp.' What a dear, sweet man... I don't deserve him.
The knobs, at least, are pretty sweet. And scored at Hobby Lobby half price. So. ... That's somethin'....

I did have a very small victory today, thereby keeping me from taking a long walk of a short pier. {well, this AND the fact that I live no where near a pier} I made this little treasure for my sewing room today:
I know this looks like the same paint that I used on the STRIPED ABOMINATION, but really? I actually had this in an old can of spray paint as well. I think this may have been the color of m' grandma's dishes when I was a kid. Which {obviously} explains why, right at this moment in my life, I FEEL COMPELLED TO PAINT ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING THAT STANDS STILL LONG ENOUGH THIS COLOR GREEN. Amen. ... You think so too, right? Are you planning a trip to Home Depot to get some green, too? ... I knew I liked you :)
I made this with a freezer paper stencil, black spray paint and a piece of canvas drop cloth. Quick and easy, just like I like it :)

I think I might fire up the sewing machines this weekend. I am most definitely ready to tear it up with patterns from this book:
I never had a chance to blog about my dear, dear friend Nancy's sewing book that was released right around the time my world was falling apart. I have had hardly a chance to make anything in it. I think it is about time!
I also never had a chance to blog-brag that both of my girls {as well as my nieces} got to model for the book. And we look at the book every time we go to Hobby Lobby. And they make me pull it off the shelf so they can see themselves. And ask any poor soul standing around us if they want their autograph. {I wonder where they get their nerdy behavior from}

Now that Ken is looking more like herself again, it doesn't hurt to look at the pictures anymore.

And I did say I MIGHT sew, right? I mean. Don't pressure me, m'kay? Maybe what I should have said is I am going to THINK about WHAT I am GOING TO sew.

There. No more pressure. See how easy that was??? {wink. wink.}


  1. Well, I'm just gonna say it ... LOVE the stripes. I think it rocks. I LOVE the new artwork for your sewing room and that book looks fabulous. :)

  2. Aw c'mon... it's not THAT bad. I actually like it, except I think the stripes are twoo wide. That's all. And I love the color! Really.

  3. I'm sorry for your loss.

    Just kidding! I don't think it looks bad at all. Honest.

  4. I love the stripes too, in a way. looking at it I see what the glitch may be in your eye - the proportions. i think you should repaint the sides and top just one of the two colors and leave the front drawer and doors stripe. That will probably give you the perfect look. :)

  5. I just read some of the comments and and it clicked... you lost your grandmother?! I am SO sorry. I lost my mom SUPER unexpectedly on Easter (she was 57 and not sick) and have since paced my house - cleaned every nook and cranny of my house - cut my hair , dyed my hair, cleaned out and packed up her entire house, cried about it's emptiness, became an uppercase living demonstrator, made an appt. with admissions at a local college for night school and STILL can not stop moving for fear of suffocation. Which is a long and self centered way (sorry) of telling you, I feel your pain and urges girl and here's a BIG FAT INTERNET (((HUG)))).

  6. You guys are awesome :) My laziness wins out. Its up in my room, all stripey and gross and will probably stay that way until someone comes and physically forces me to repaint it....

    Gina, you are tooo sweet. My grams is still kickin' it at almost 90! I think my mention of her dishes, coupled with Heather's comment {I think she meant my cabinet} and the fact that I also alluded to my daughter being diagnosed with a rare disease almost 2 years ago was too cornfusing. I am so sorry to hear about your mom :( BIG FAT INTERNET HUG RIGHT BACK ATCHA!!!! xoxo