Monday, March 26, 2018

Easter Inspiration

Easter is less than a week away! Looking for some inspiration? Say no more, fam. I set up Fake Easter this weekend - aka FEASTER (we made that up, isn't it CATCHY) - and took some pics of what I did. Let me inspire you with a bunch of stuff that takes very, very little effort and almost no planning ahead.

I kept the table pretty simple - the centerpiece is just some simple dyed eggs (mixed with some I left au naturel) in an antique wooden toolbox. Some fun facts - I didn't hard boil all of these. We would NEVER eat that many hard boiled eggs.  The very bottom layer is plastic eggs from Target, in similar colors as the dye I used, but you can barely see them. (the brown mark on my table is from an ALOE PLANT - it won't come off so i am trying to convince myself how RUSTIC CHIC it is until I scrounge up enough energy to repaint the top of my table. I don't do photoshop but i am sure if I was smarter, I could touch up that little brown stain of shame. Let it serve as a warning that ALOE JUICE TURNS WHITE PAINT BROWN. Who knew?!)

I made these ruffled ticking table runners and fun easter napkins a few weeks ago.
(they are coming soon to my etsy store)

I made vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting and added a piece of cotton candy for colorful (easy) decoration - but PRO-TIP - cotton candy disintegrates with just a hint of moisture, so add the cotton candy fluff right before serving or it will suck up all of the moisture from your frosting and start to look like pieces of rainbow poop. Which may be fun but is not appetizing, unless you're into that - no judgement!

I also made a 4 layer white cake with buttercream frosting, decorated the top in white flowers and added fun bunny ears. I used these fun tips  to decorate the top - SO EASY - and made the bunny ears by wrapping this pretty gold vine around gold jewelry wire.

Here is a better shot at the flowers:

I made these nests by pouring 1 pound of melted almond bark over a package of  crunchy chow mein and mixing it up really good, then dropping tablespoons full on waxpaper - add the eggs before the almond bark rehardens. SO easy but so good!

I also added grass frosting and peeps on toothpicks for another fun dessert. Yes, my kids are all almost out of the house. But they still act delighted by colorful treats :)

Happy Easter!

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