Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hot glue or fabric? Not this week! Let's have fun with SCIENCE.

I was assigned some science-y themed articles a couple of weeks ago for SheKnows.com and was up to my EARS in experimenting and researching and BEGGING my 16 year old son for help. It was actually really fun. Do you have a kid that needs some science fair ideas? Well, this might be YOUR LUCKY DAY.

Have you ever wondered how antacids work? Also, learn how to make a simple universal indicator using red cabbage RIGHT HERE.

Ever thought about making your own crystals? (NOT THE ILLEGAL KIND, MOM.)
Just salt and water and food coloring and a cup. Learn exactly how (and why) it works RIGHT HERE.

What's that, you say? You've always been mesmerized by the wonder of a hovercraft? ME TOO! Check out the (basic) mechanics and a kick-ass poster idea RIGHT HERE.

And HONESTLY my fav of the bunch was this idea for a Student Council election poster. This project right here made my oldest daughter want to run for student council president :) Show your children WITH CAUTION if you don't want a politician in the family! Get the deets to make one just like it RIGHT HERE.

Are you EXCITED for science fair season or DREADING it? Me? I am that mom that seriously lets their kids do LITERALLY ALL of their own project work, solo, no matter how much crooked letters or smudges or less than perfection bugs the crap out of me. So my kids projects look like.... KIDS DID THEM. Crooked and sometimes messy. But NO STRESS and my kids learn ALL. THE. THINGS. I repeat to them, frequently, I ALREADY PASSED (insert applicable number) GRADE. At this point, they know: I am a mean mom. Are YOU a mean mom? We should start a club or something.

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