Tuesday, December 20, 2011

{Update} .. the painted couch ..

I woke up to more traffic on m' blog than the usual three hits I get a day {bestie, mom, sister} so I figured that Apartment Therapy {aka my biggest refer-er on the ol' world wide web} had mentioned my silly painted sofa again.

Yep. I was spot-on.

I also got a few new comments, asking for an update or more info. So, here is where I actually answer a question in my comments. Don't die of shock or anything.

Victoria said...
Now that you have lived with the sofa for six months, can you tell us if it has softened up? How does it wear now? Are you still happy with it?

I am still absolutely smitten with this sofa. It hasn't cracked or peeled, but it does get very dusty (disclosure: I live in Arizona right on a mountain preserve, so we have more than your average dust + wind} so I wipe it down with a damp cloth weekly monthly {I probably should weekly, but I am not the tops on housekeeping} Also, on the arms  {where you might have those slip-cover things to prevent wear?}the paint is wearing more there. I have plans to touch it up but, ya know. Life.

Overall, still a project in the success column. Except for that HIDEOUS fabric I chose for the cushions....

Yeah. Totally kidding :)


  1. Thanks for the update. I wondered too how it was wearing!!

  2. Glad it's still in good shape.