Sunday, August 10, 2008

Her 5 seconds of fame.

I might be more excited about this than I should be. You might even think me a nerd. But, what the heck. I have been sick. Depressed. Feeling useless. (Insert any other self loathing phrase you're most comfortable with and that's how I've been feeling since I've been sick.) And this was a sunny spot in my bedridden, sun deprived life.

!!!!! Miss Kenny is in this season's Artful Blogging Magazine !!!!! It's only a small picture in a story about Megan of Flat Betty. But it was cool, nonetheless. And we got the $14.95 magazine for free since they used her picture. Honestly, it does not take a lot to get me excited these days.....

here is the cover, in case you wanted to pick up a copy. kenny will be happy to sign and/or graffiti it for you.

And there's my girl. Right there. See? I pointed her out with a red arrow or two. Or six. Just wanted to make sure you could see her. Yep. There she is. In a magazine. Just looked out front and there aren't any paparazzi stalking us. Yet. I will keep you all posted.

1 comment:

  1. Wah hooo!!!! How totally exciting!! CONGRATULATONS!!

    I'd say you should take *at least* 15 minutes of Fame Time. :)