Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A quick porch re-do

August is the month in Arizona when pretty much everyone {besides the mister- he LOVEs the heat} is completely, totally and utterly DONE with the heat. So, so done. So done, all I can think about is, 'why do we live here?' ... 'San Diego isn't that expensive, is it?' ... 'I think I am insane.' ... 'Where is the ice cream?' ... 'Why are my pants so tight?!'...So, to totally screw with myself, I decided to do a once-over on my sad little neglectarino porch that has been sitting dusty and desolate all summer. Because, for real? Its going to be at least 2 months before anyone is actually enjoying sitting out here again.... BUT I adore the way it turned out and am pleased to say in total I spent less than $35! And very minimal effort...
porch makeover
I bought these adirondack chairs at our last community yard sale for $10 each. I used leftover paint from my bedroom dresser makeover of last summer and I LOVE them :) Best part? Painting helps minimize the splinter-in-yer-butt factor these chairs used to have. The nightstand side table was a free with purchase item on my last craigslist find {hutch for fabric storage}. I just love free.

The lamp was a mere $2.50 at Goodwill half priced weekend. It was a god awful wood and brass, but nothing a little spray paint couldn't clean right up. The shade was one I had in the garage- the scale is a little off, but I didn't want to buy a brand new shade to put outside so it will have to do...


I made this chevron fabric out of spray paint, painters tape and a painters drop cloth and just recovered an old, faded pillow. {the pink Flea Market Fancy pillow is a leftover decoration from Camden's grad party}

I made this slipcover out of a kitchen towel from Target. I think it was the biggest splurge, at $3.99.  

I just love the way it turned out. Now, if only the weather will cooperate!


  1. Ok... now that is the CUTEST porch makeover EVER! Now... come do mine!

  2. You are so dang crafty -- I love it! And I LOVE the color of the chairs.

  3. Thanks, friends :) @erin- I wanna marry that color, I love it so much! I'll invite you to the wedding :)

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