Friday, May 16, 2008

Quilt Market. Unbelievable.

Here I am, reporting in, basking in the glow of the first day of quilt market. First, I must apologize to my twitter followers.... I did not tweet as much as I had planned. I was too excited. Too overwhelmed. Too crazy in It was all almost TOO much. But. Not. Quite. :)
So. Onto the pictures! First, here is me and Heather Bailey. She didn't even try to beat me up because of the April Fool's day header. She is just as sweet in person as you think she'd be. Hussy.

And here is the fabulous Amy Butler (yes, pictured with me, as well. I roll like that. I like to see me on my blog. Please don't hate me.) And Yes, dammit, she is NICE TOO. It made this bitch feel a wee bit out of place. She was, like, real nice. Really, really nice. Nice-nice. And really pretty. And really skinny. And REALLY tall. Really. Really. Tall. Did I mention how skinny and nice she is? Ugh.

And. Geez. This next picture is a little scary. View with caution. Wendy is getting a leetle overcrazyexcited about some yummy Japanese fabric. Yes, I ordered both of these.

And finally, I think we've found confirmation that my dear husband, Michael's grandfather was doing it with woman other than his wife, God rest his soul. Because. We found a woman that looks JUST like Michael's mom. And we got a picture to prove it. I did, however, fail to question her about her parentage. Maybe (praying) I will see her tomorrow. Don't worry. I will update.

That's it for now, my peeps :) Tune in tomorrow for MORE.


  1. No words.....too jealous. ;)

  2. It must be so inspiring to be there with all that fabric greatness! How about a picture of Sandi Henderson - with you of course? :) (Looking so much forward to her new line!)

  3. How exciting you got to meet them both! Love the pic of you and Heather!

  4. Glad you heifers are having fun! I miss y'all though!!

  5. You are too funny. And I’m too jealous!
    How wonderful to meet all those fabulous fabric designers!

  6. Hey Jen
    Now I can say "I know people who know people" You celeb you! Have heaps of fun & aim for some more bloggable activities! A good trip away has to have 'stories' doesn't it!. (PS - I miss your HB blog header but all good things must come to an end...!)

  7. Ohhhh, I need the Japanese fabric on the right. For Sure.
    Hope you had a great time!!!!

  8. I love me some Jen!

    Glad you are making friends and reconnecting with long lost family: How DID you get that photo of Mike and his "aunt" that the family doesn't speak of? I love his expression.

    SPEAKING OF expressions: Wendy. That Japanese stuff looks like it put her over the edge. Poor girl.

    And Camden probably is the handsomest, smartest, bestest son in the whole entire world. Or close to it. I'd argue my son is awesomer, but mine's walking around in yesterday's grassy, dirty soccer socks like it's no big deal. So mine's definitely disqualified. Happy Birthday, dear Camden!

    XOXO -N.

  9. Glad you are having a great time. Love the pics of you and Amy and Heather! I am so jealous! my apron and I have two words for you. LOVE IT! Jen, you are the best! I am almost too scared to wear it. I don't want to mess my Jen original up! :)

    Lovin the japanese fab also!

  10. Jen,

    You made me literally LOL! That bangs/eyes pic of you & HB is AWESOME. Be proud, girl!

    Hope you had a fabulous time this weekend. Can't wait to hear & see more (hint, hint)!