Sunday, May 25, 2008

On being girly.

I have come to a rather shocking realization recently.... I am mom to 2 girly.girls. And I just don't know quite how this happened. They have two older brothers. That alone should destine them to a tomboyish life, right?! And they have a mom that didn't start out life as anything close to being a frilly, girly type girl. I was the tomboy of my family. My poor dad had no sons, so I was the one accompanying him on his Saturday morning trips to the hardware store (I LOVED it when he bought nails because I got to help scoop them into the paper bag to get weighed - just like buying produce!) I had skinned knees and bruises all over and a dirty face and unkempt hair and dug in the dirt and hated showers and was a stinky kind of girl. I did manage to figure out regular showering, make-up and haircare in my adult life, but most days I sport sweats, tees, no makeup and am the poster child for a need for an ambush makeover (Oprah, are you reading?). I am just not the girly type. But somehow, my two girls have learned the LOVE of being a girl, at a very young age. Of ruffles. Of tea parties. Of giggling. Of makeup. Of nailpolish. And honestly. I am loving every minute of it.

We were invitees to a beautiful princess's birthday party yesterday, at Girly Girlz. What a fabulous name! (although I have to admit, the z instead of the s gets to me - I HATE mangled "spelling". Akin to spelling easy as EZ. Blech.) The girls got to have their hair done in up-do's (so fancy- glitter included!) and got their nails painted.

Being a girly girl is hard work.

But tea parties are just plain fun.

And they are even better when you have a sister to share them with. Trust me on this one.

Life is good, when you are 5 and 6 and allowed to be as girly and frilly and wonderfully silly as you want to be......
Why do they have to grow up?


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! So fun! I don't have any sisters and I'm so happy my girls have each other! I can't WAIT for even more girly fun!
    PS-I tagged you on my blog, blah blah blah ;)

    And are you going to Houston, heehee!!!

  2. hey gorgeous,
    Well when I saw you, you were lookin' ALL girl! Damn!
    Say hello to your darling man for me.

  3. I just found your blog and LOVE IT! (I added it to my own!)...your girls are just adorable. I have 2 that are 2 years apart and super girly much fun! I'm not the girly type either but they are turning me around ;)

    take a bow Jenn

  4. I was a tomboy tree climber too. My Darcy is as girly as they come. What happened there??!! Reminds me of a quote - don't know who by "When you were born, the world had to make way for a little more fancy." Sounds like it applies to your girls too.

    Love your girls' skirts.

  5. Oh, my. That just looks like way too much fun! I have one girl but have been getting that urge lately to make her a sister. My luck, I'd get a 3rd boy!

    Love your blog & fabric site, btw. I discovered it a few months ago but have somehow been a very good girl and not bought any fabric - yet. Once I use up some of the oh...$4k worth of fabric I currently out, sista! Opening an alterations/handmade boutique in August so I may start buying from you sooner than I thought. oh yeah - I linked to you on my blog, hope you don't mind.