Friday, February 3, 2012

We heart Minecraft {or} A very Geeky Christmas

Filed under {better late than never} a recap of Christmas 2011. December was filled to the brim with two ill-conceived, last minute CRAZY OVER THE TOP sewing projects that were the brain-child of my dear, sweet, crazy, pain in the ass husband. In late November, he asked {all innocently}what I thought about sewing a few SIMPLE quilts for Cam and Bo {13 and 12 yr old sons}. I knew they had been OBSESSED with this game MINECRAFT for about 6 months and he thought they might enjoy some super geeky themed quilts. I was all game, since I had just painted them super simple cardboard masks for Halloween and the design seemed like it would be straightforward. Yeah. I was SO NAIVE.

Halloween 2011

As soon as I agreed to whip up some quilts, I promptly forgot all about it.


Fast forward to FOUR WEEKS BEFORE CHRISTMAS and my dear pain in the ass husband asks me if I am ready to talk about proposed quilt patterns and a Joann's shopping list. And then he shows me the pattern he made on excel and it wasn't a lap quilt. It wasn't just a 64-square creeper face.

Creeper pumpkin

{creeper face aka what I was expecting to recreate}

 It was  INTRICATE. It was SCARY. Yeah. Did I mention I had only ever made ONE quilt before IN MY LIFE? And that I REGULARLY question the sanity of quilters and their need to cut up PERFECTLY GOOD FABRIC only to SEW IT ALL BACK TOGETHER AGAIN? Yeah. True Story.

So, then I dove head first into these crazy projects. And while they are FAR FROM PERFECT, the recipients loved them and I think they turned out pretty damn awesome.

This is C's {Steve with an axe}

Minecraft Quilt DIY project - Steve

And this is B's {A zombie with a pig}

Minecraft Quilt DIY project - Zombie Steve

{the girls were so pleased with new dolls, they didn't notice there were no quilts for them}

Christmas 2011

I don't plan to do a full tutorial of the quilt because I am ready to put the whole, painful incident behind me. But I would be happy to share my excel pattern file and basic quilting concept {that I am fairly certain breaks EVERY SINGLE QUILTING LAW EVERY WRITTEN} with anyone crazy enough interested. Just email me or leave a comment :)  I lost the excel file in the harddrive crash of 2012 :( SORRY! Yeah, because all those blue squares? I cut apart blue fabric and then re-sewed it all back together so it looked like pixels. Hell. Yes. True story.


  1. What the freakin' *insert crafting/mommy-blog-appropriate-euphamism-but-we-all-know-I'm-thinking-the-real-word-word*!!!

    NEVER will I love anybody enough to PIXELATE fabric squares. Would I do anything for my children? Of course. But not that. Just sayin'. This is like something WENDY would do, it's that wonderful ;-)

    Be that as it may, holy freakin' *insert crafting/mommy-blog-appropriate-euphamism-but-we-all-know-I'm-thinking-the-real-word-word*, are those quilts amazing! A. Ma. ZING! Geeky. Qulity. Crafty. Weird. LOVE THEM.

    Love you, too. Miss you, too. I'm sorry for being absent during so much of what has been happening. Anybody who would pixelate *insert crafting/mommy-blog-appropriate-euphamism-but-we-all-know-I'm-thinking-the-real-word-word* fabric for a loved one doesn't deserve what's been thrown your way.

    XO -N.

  2. Oh my gosh - I just looked - sorry it took me so long... those are FREAKING FABULOUS!!!!!!!! And no Nancy - I do not quilt - EVER - why on earth would you hack fabric into tiny pixel sized pieces only to sew it all together... only INSANE people would do it. ;) Jen you amaze me! You are the best mom EVER! :) (Is Camden wearing polka dot pj pants?)

  3. Oh My Goodness!!! My soon to be 11yr old son would just love one of these quilts. I have been searching for any kind of minecraft bedding, but cannot find any anywhere. I have never made a quilt before but have made various window treatments, so would be willing to give it a shot. Would you please be able to forward me a copy of the pattern (the one you made for Camden)and any useful hints - i would be so grateful! Do you think I would be able to get it done in a couple of weeks as his birthday is 3rd march!! Thanking you, Joanne

    1. Hey Joanne :) email me @
      fabric.bliss(at) and I will send you the excel pattern. I spent roughly 40 solid sewing hours putting each of these together so.... as long as you have that kinda time, you should be fine :)

  4. Any chance you would consider doing one of these for money? My son wants a Minecraft bedroom and nobody sells this bedding! Please email me at if you are interested. I would pay a good price for it.

    David West
    Kennesaw, GA

  5. WOW you are absolutely amazing!!! You just amazed me with your quilts! I have also never made a quilt in my life. I wanted to make one though - a minecraft one (Or even possibly start out small and make a smaller one). I also don't understand how people would cut the pieces apart and sew them back together. I just got an embroidery machine - waiting for it to arrive. Maye it could help me on my crazy sewing ventures. I LOVED reading your post and seeing the pics - your kids look very happy with the quilts! I think you are amazing!!!!! If possible, could i get a copy of the pattern or excel file? My email is: hollybethmann (at) gmail - thank you so much!

  6. I completely agree with cutting tiny pieces of fabric just to sew them all together. Do you know how to strip piece a quilt? The simple explanation is cut long strips instead of individual squares. Sew the strips together. Then cut the strips across the seams (90 degrees) that you sewed. You'll end up with a strip of squares already sewed together. Then just sew those strips together. Clear as mud? ;)

  7. OMG LOVE THE MINECRAFT QUILTS!!!! I did the whole Steve head thingy for our son for Halloween. I now have new purpose to start sewing again.....or look into buying one! LOL Great job!

  8. Wow! I love this! My boys would love it! Do I dare try to make these before Christmas?!?