Tuesday, May 17, 2011

{What have I been doing, you ask?} Why, I've been painting my couch! :)

Ahem. HEY! Whassup.whassup?! I just got some crap from my frenemy friend, Heather, today, about my seriously slacking on the ol' blog posting lately.... I know I am SO RIVETING ! I am QUITE CERTAIN that everyone out in Bloggyville has been fretting, wondering how they will fill the many hours in their day without a little fabfab snark! So HERE YA GO! 12 days worth, compacted into one blog post! You can thank Heather later, you LUCKY DUCKER you! :) {Do I overuse the exclamation point? It's just so hard to convey that I AM INDEED SHOUTING without it, ya know???!!!} And, just to clear the air, I was NOT huddled up in a ball on the floor for the last 12 days, crying over missing Quilt Market in SLC. I was not. I was not. I was not!!!!!! .... Well. CONFESSION TIME! Maybe I was just sitting in a dark room, huddled in my blankie, Osama style, feeling indescribable sadness.... Wah.
meat grinder
{this is not what I have been doing, but dear me, doesn't EVERYONE just LOVE the site of freshly ground beef????} {well, maybe except vegetarians and vegans.} {sorry for that, my herbivore friends.}

So, moving along.... my dad was in town last week! And, just like me, the old man CAN NOT SIT STILL! We were going, going, going all week, which left little {if any} computer time. 
{excuse number one for blog neglect - DAD IN TOWN}

He helped the boys transplant some cherry tomato plants into bigger containers {HOME DEPOT 2 dollar buckets, for the record! Yay for frugality! Boo for not being able to keep these ugly, bright orange buckets on our front porch. Burlap covers to come, soon!} - I think we got started a little late this season for these tomatoes, but Brighton is mothering them pretty hard, so I will keep you posted!
We also went and saw Grandma. 90ish years young. I can only hope to be half as awesome as she is when I am 90. {I didn't get a photo, but Gramps is 93ish and laying in a bed next to her. They have been married over 60 years!}
{This is my dad and Grandma. Seriously, friends, neither one of them has aged in 10 years. Some lady at Home Depot told me she liked MY HUSBAND'S SHOES!!!???!!! I was like YOU MEAN, MY DAD?! Do you think my dad would admit to using a little Oil of Olay? I really need to know his secret! I have more grey hair than him!}
If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen that I bought this awesome couch for $45 a week or so ago. Well, I HATED the fabric, so my dad and I spent the better part of last week PAINTING IT BLACK!  {excuse number two for blog neglect -PAINTED A COUCH}. We used a textile mix-in that keeps the latex paint soft enough to do this. Full blog post on this, soon! I promise! 'Cause you crazy girls out there KNOW you wanna paint a couch, too! It was a bit labor intensive, but my dad didn't seem to mind spending a large portion of his vacation on my crazy DIY project! We also did a LOT of thrifting and scored some great finds! We were scouting for some other couches to paint, but couldn't find any as great {or as CHEAP} as this one.....

Yeah! Whew. So, school is almost out! Summer vacation is all but upon us. Camden graduates from eighth grade in a little over a week! {I still remember my teal satin gown, pink frosted bonnie bell lipstick and 6" tall mall bangs from my own 8th grade commencement like it was yesterday. Surreal.} Another year under our belt. Before I know it, I will be 90 and my 30something grandkid will be visiting me with one of MY kids!  

{trying to follow this advice}


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  1. I actually WAS wondering where you were! Can't wait to see the post about how you painted that couch. It is pretty fabulous. :)