Sunday, May 22, 2011

A new couch needs some new deco {or} I made a wreath and a pillow, Amen.

The weekend is just about over and my sweet kiddos have a wee bit less than one week of school left. Hot damn. This was one of those weekends that feels like it was already over before it even started! I scored LOTS of AWESOMENESS at the Goodwill half price sale Saturday morning {with bestie Heather - she got some AWESOME GOODS,too!}{things I WANTED!}{she was all MEAN and bought the stuff SHE FOUND FIRST!}{RUDE}{I kid.}I am MOST EXCITED about a certain DUCK LAMP! {Heather tried to talk me out of it.}{I think because SHE wanted it :)}

tea towel pillow

I am trying to get as much crafting in as possible before the kids are out for the summer. I don't know what this summer is going to be like- we don't have a vacation planned, its our first summer in this {much smaller} house and we are STILL adjusting to the fact that Kenny can't go outside from 10-4 everyday. You would think after almost 2 years I WOULD GET IT ALREADY. But its still freshly shocking when I forget, and regress back to the 'let's get season passes to the local waterpark' mindset. And then someone {normally, Kennedy} points out that I am forgetting something VERY IMPORTANT. Boo.

sewing room wreath01

I also whipped up this simple sewing themed wreath, for my sewing room {of course!} It LITERALLY took me 5 minutes. I LOVE super simple projects that come out just like I imagined them to.

sewing room wreath02

This dollar store wreath is wrapped in super cheap {red striped} jute upholstery webbing.
sewing room wreath03

I made a rose-ette out of a long metal zipper {left over from my couch project}a vintage tomato pin cushion {does everyone have a million of these laying around?} and a vintage spool measuring tape. Done and done.

Well. Its 10:47 am on Sunday and I am headed back to bed for a much needed nap. {went out with girlfriends and my cutie sister last night and didn't QUITE get enough sleep!}

Don't judge.

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  1. Oh my! I so so so love that linen "wreath" you made. Inspirational!