Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Looking back - Kennedy's 4th birthday {tea} party .or. why having little girls ROCKs

A lingering by-product of attending the Creative Estates blogging/crafting conference this past weekend, is that I am STILL so filled with inspiration- which has caused some self reflection as a by-product... Said inspiration and self reflection led me down the path of 'let me search through the mish-mosh insanity which is old photo files on my computer and FREAK THE FRAK OUT when I think pictures have disappeared and then wet myself with happiness when I find them' and then I wept with pure joy when I was fully immersed in the trip down memory lane. And I decided to stop off here, at one of my most favorite birthday parties EV.ER!
Please indulge me in a trip down memory lane, to February 5th, 2007 :)  

{thanks, in advance.} 

tea party - the birthday girl

Kennedy is one of those little girls that has always been ALL GIRL! And so, it was a no brainer to have the pinkest party I could create. 

tea party - the table

I really wanted everyone to be able to sit down together, so I put a couple of regular {Costco} plastic banquet tables together, end to end {after convincing the mister to remove almost all of the furniture from our living room so it would all fit.} I used quilts as table clothes <--- best part of that? No ironing involved!
I made pillow-shaped chair back covers out of fabric already in the stash, and simple cloth napkins to match.

tea party - brighton serving

The boys and Michael were our 'waiters'. All of the courses were plated in the kitchen and then served to our guests at the table. {I did have to pay the boys - not to actually serve, but to wear the little half aprons LOL}I remember them commenting that the ladies there 'sure did drink a lot of diet coke!' Truer words have never been spoken.

tea party - all the kids

Miss Piper was ....extremely grumpy.... that day. She refused to smile for any pictures. She was taking Singulair {for SEVERE asthma} during this time. It made her all sorts of CRAY.CRAY.CRAZZZZY! I didn't know what was going on at the time. I thought I was just a really bad mom. Ah, well. Oh. And I made the girls frocks to match vintage hats I bought off ebay. See them ruffles? I have really been obsessed for far too long.

tea party - food

First course was heart shaped chicken salad sandwiches on delicious, fluffy, EVIL white bread. {did you hear? We are on a gluten free diet now. This pic of those sammies is for real making my mouth water!}Fruit cabobs and heart shaped cucumber and tomato salad. I can't remember the recipe I used but what I DO remember is cutting out all of those cukes with a wee heart shaped cookie cutter at 3 in the morning the night before the party. Oh, what a crafter will do for cute!
tea party - the real story

 I didn't have a pic of the second course, but remember we had warm chocolate chip scones and heart shaped buttermilk puffs with strawberry preserves - both dusted with powdered sugar. YUMMO!

tea party -  whole group

The mister came out of the kitchen occasionally, to refill tea cups with peppermint tea {and to take pictures. And to giggle with the guests. He really is all sorts of awesome.}

tea party- kennedy

I made everyone their own mini cakes. {can you say SUGAR OVERLOAD?!} But, Kenny's was the only one with a Cinderella candle on it.

tea party - kennedy and mom

This really was a great party. Even if I looked like I had a flower pot growing out of my head.

tea party - miss piper

Such a pretty {albeit grumpy} day. Poor baby.

tea party - kennedy 

Ugh. Why do they have to grow up so fast?


  1. Jen! You are still as cute as a tattoo! And holy cute kids! So fun to meet you at Creative Estates! I love that we're twitter pals now! High Five!

  2. HEY FRIEND :) ME TOO! You are so HIGH-LARIOUS! I really think I AM going to make my husband get me tattooed on him, just cuz of you... he got a mushroom on the back of his head, for crying out loud. I should be a NO-BRAINER! :) I will keep you posted.

  3. LOVE this! One of my daughters wants a tea party for her birthday party, so I'm scouting for ideas. I love the way you did yours. And I think your hat is very cute. ;c) I wonder if I can talk Dad and the 5 year old brother to be waiters. I don't think the 3 year old brother would be much help for that. LOL