Monday, August 8, 2011

I HAVE been busy!

I wrote a few more how-to articles for - Check. Them. Out. {that's an ORDER!} :)

My FAVORITE is this dresser. It came about as an ugly duckling to swan story. I wanted an excuse to buy a new, low dresser like this one to use as a buffet. When I received the email with the article assignment for how to repaint a piece of furniture from SheKnows, I WAS BEYOND THRILLED that I had an excuse to do a little craigslist shopping! I scored this little beauty for the low sum of $50 but was HORRIFIED when we arrived to pick her up that I didn't notice in the pictures that there was fake bamboo trim and rattan{wicker?} drawer fronts. {also the drunk dude that helped get her into the car and the smoke I can still smell when I open up the drawers. BUT 50 BUCKS? Hell yes.}The drawer fronts were mdf-ish underneath. I almost had to call myself a wahmbulance and my husband and I nearly got a divorce during this project {which I did indeed do all by myself, EVEN DRILLING HOLES IN THE MIRRORS, thankyouverymuch} Oh, and also? I went over to my dear Shar-bear's house to use her husband's miter saw in the midst of this project chaos to cut the new trim for the drawer and door fronts and after calling both her husband AND her father to find out how to unlatch the darn safety on the saw and after THEY BOTH told us if we didn't know how to do it, we had no business using said saw, then? Then we you-tubed how to unlatch it, and made SEVENTY TWO CUTS and still have all of our fingers. And NOW? At the top of my list is one of these saws. IT was SPECTACULAR! {and I love me the internet.} And also? We both laughed because they were SO WORRIED about us using this saw, what with its little plastic safety blade guard and such. And we reminded them of all of the SERIOUSLY DANGEROUS TOOLS we are ALLOWED TO USE IN THE KITCHEN EVERY DAY! With no. proper. training! Can you IMAGINE? I can't BELIEVE I have never accidentally ground up my hand with the meat grinder! Ahem. So, John B.? I forgot I have to have a word with you about your faith in my and your wife's woodworking skills. Because we do got mad skillz... MAD.

Check these other informative article, too. Not QUITE as drama filled, but interesting just the same :)

Also! If you are local {Arizona}set your tivo and organize a viewing party {LOL. I kid.}because I am tentatively scheduled to make an appearance doing a craft demo on Smart Family on channel 15, which airs live everyday at 3:30 p.m. {Yes, Heather. I WILL procure Daphne Monroe's autograph for you. No worries.} Unless I die of embarrassment and nervousness before then. Which is completely possible. Promise you will pretend not too notice how sweaty I am???? Thanks. Gosh, you are a GREAT friend.


creativeandcompletelycrazy said...

Dying laughing at your post. I am SO like that myself. That was a great read!! Glad you finally got the saw working. I would not have given up either!

Thusspeaks said...

How did you do the mirroring on this dresser? I love it!


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