Thursday, April 28, 2011

A little of this, a bit of that {or} Wow. It's already Thursday.

My sweet girl, Kennedy, had to have some port care done yesterday at the cath lab. It's more a blessing than a curse, this monthly care is... {because requiring said care means we aren't using the port for medications at the moment- YAY!} but still? The visits are an unpleasant pain in the buttocks. Imagine, if you will, having a 1" needle stuck into your chest on a regular basis. Can you say 'hurtie'? And then add to that being an 8 year old girl. I cannot fathom how strong this experience is making my girl {silver lining time}. That being said, it is still a much better option than enduring the poke after poke of IV starts {plus, she had gotten to the point of having ZERO peripheral vein access so to port or not to port was never a question for us...} I just marvel that when they put said needle in, there is nary a flinch or wince. I watch for a reaction every time, but there is never one. At least not physical. She tells me that she isn't even there when they insert the needle. She forces her mind to imagine herself somewhere else. Somewhere GOOD. {like, this last time, she was swimming with dolphins in the Bahamas.} Can you imagine such wisdom from such a little girl?! She doesn't really know it, but she is my hero. Forget movie stars or athletes {although, I DO love me some Larry Fitzgerald} I am just so lucky to be this little chick's mom.

I've been working around the house a bit, spring cleaning and changing things up a bit.

Remember these curtains? They were a but flat and drab. And maybe more shabby than chic. {thanks to Heather for alerting me that I had gone there, unintentionally...<3}
So....I painted them with black stripes. When I am totally completed with this project, I will post a step by step about how I did it :)Super easy! AND I think it turned out fab! It cost about an additional $3 per panel. In my opinion, TOTALLY worth it.
coffee table - before
I also gave my $10 coffee table a makeover.
coffee table
I do so LOVE wood filler!
And if your name is Erin, these just MAY be your notebooks :) I am getting a tute ready for these, as well. {if you are interested}.
ruffle notebook
This ruffled one is my FAVORITE! I am fighting the temptation to keep it :) You won't tell Erin, will you? .... I knew you could keep a secret. You ARE such a pal.

Off to lunch {with a good friend I have somehow managed to not see in 7 months- I am noticing a pattern - I had dinner last night with another friend I hadn't seen in about the same amount of time. Good to know I am coming out of my cocoon.} {I had to rely on spell check to spell cocoon. Not a word I use that much,apparently.}

{oh. and I have it on good authority that both girls made it into the talent show!}

talent show audition - kennedy
talent show audition - piper
 {I may or may not have been singing along and making jazz hands.... I will never tell.}


kittykerri said...

I am a fairly new reader & just realized your daughters situation but she is my hero as well!! What an amazing spirit she has!

It's truly amazing what kids can go through with such high spirits. Rock on Kenedy!!

mama marchand said...

Kennedy is beautiful! :) And very wise for her age.

LOVE LOVE LOVE how the coffee table turned out. Awesomeness!

The journals are beautiful.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Erin said...

O my goodness, what a brave girl you have! I teared up when I read that she is [secretly] your hero. So sweet!

And I LOVE the color you chose for the coffee table -- one of my FAVORITE colors!

As for the journals, when I first read it was for "Erin" I got way too excited. Then I realized it's for TVP's Erin. LOL Ah well, at least I share her lovely name! ;)

Happy Friday!!

Kelly Stewart said...

LOVE the curtains AND come over & help me!! :)

LOVE the face of bravery & grace that you all put on through everything you have been through. :)

Strangely, I too had a wonderful dinner with a delightful friend whom I had not seen in 7 months...hmm...

Yes, I think Part 2 of our class could be the notebooks!!

joeyandaleethea said...

How the heck did I get here, and why have I stalked many of your blog posts for the past half hour??? ok so first of all, your Kennedy is so very beautiful, and gosh so super brave. Praying for her. oh about your teenage DJ thing...LOL, how nerdy and hilarious!! I'm pretty sure I remember your fabric shop. Thanks for the super fun break and much needed laughs. Come visit my blog if you ever have a minute - definitely not as interesting as yours...I don't have a slut cat, but our puppy is starting to hump! Stay strong, keep up the awesome sewing, and ROCK ON, Mama.

x♥x♥, gina said...

AHA! THIS is the post that Erin tweeted about that sent me to find (an now follow) your blog in the first place! LOVE the coffee table, curtains, and those notebooks you made for her ROCK!!! I am thinking of maybe commissioning one to use to cover my work binder. Then maybe the peeps at my ul open houses will love it so much they will ask where I got it and order one too!!


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